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Calice Hospitality

A growinginternationalmarket

Interest in wine and new travel experiences is fueling the growth of wine tourism globally. Traditional destinations such as France, Italy, Spain and the United States maintain their popularity, while new emerging regions such as China, Eastern Europe and South America are experiencing a development in the market. This expansion of wine tourism contributes significantly to regional dynamics and investments by wine regions improve visitor experiences and accessibility. The emphasis on wine education and sustainable practices aligns with emerging consumer preferences for more responsible tourism. Technological advances, such as digital platforms, have considerably improved the visibility of the offer and the engagement of travelers. Finally, partnerships between wineries, tour operators and tourist offices contribute to creating integrated wine tourism experiences, promoted on international markets.

Issues fordestinations& domaines

Qualification and structuring of the wine tourism offer

Development strategies: Rehabilitation and Construction

Risk management

Environment, Climate, Security

Definition of economic


Marketing Promotion Communication, Partnerships



Adaptation of the destination to wine tourism practices



Governance Training



  • Strategic and operational skills in wine tourism development.

  • Several wine destination classification files produced and approved.

  • Several renovations of wine estates and creation of extensions supported.

  • Knowledge of the international market.

  • Experienced consultants and partners

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